26 April 2011 – Orphan Annie Dive

26 Apr

I have often tried to raise a chuckle while playing in a pool by doing an “Orphan Annie” dive. I would stand on the diving board with my heals together, my legs bowed at the knees, my palms together in front of my chest with my elbows sticking out to the sides. Then I would tip myself off the board holding my form as I splashed into the water below.

So it is that today, I dive head first into the bloggers pool. I make no promises about publication schedules or regularity. I do hope to contribute intelligently to discussions of life’s issues from a Biblical perspective.

Because my website URL, lumpofclay, was not available on WordPress, I opted for the similar and available “Clay on the Wheel.” In this moniker I make a confession. It is not my confession alone but one I have borrowed from Jeremiah and Paul, a confession that firmly recognizes that I am fully and completely subject to the Potter. In all things I must bow to His Word. I confess that His Word is true and that, yes, truth can be known. I don’t pretend to understand all His Word says; but, with Luther, I bow my hat where its meaning is difficult. Without  apology I submit myself to its teaching and seek to live according to its reproof.


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