82/365: self portrait with water tank

02 Aug

I live in the desert. It’s supposed to be dry and the heat is supposed to be dry heat. But this week our humidity has been a few percentage points higher than normal (I’m not telling ‘cuz you midwesterners will think I’m just a crybaby). The photographic result is clouds, and I’ve been wanting to get a good shoot with all those clouds lit up by the setting sun. However, it seems every day at just around 5, almost three hours before sunset, the clouds in the western sky dissipate; and I’m left without.

Tonight I thought the same thing was going to be the case as I drove to the south central part of town to a hill where I can get an unobstructed view of the whole city but especially the western sky. There were a few wisps of cloud, and I did take quite a few shots which I’ll post in an 82/365 shoot album on Facebook. I was also “surprised” by this shot as I walked back and forth across the top of the hill looking for “the” shot.

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Posted by on 2 August 2011 in 365 photo journey


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