96/365: Dusk

16 Aug

I’m approaching 100. I knew when I started this journey that I was making a considerable commitment: mostly to myself, but also to anyone who might start following my progress. So, summer is over (well my summer is since I’ve been back in the classroom for almost a week and a half), my exciting trips are finished, day 365 will come before next summer arrives; and I’m finding that I’m kind of in a slump. I really have to battle the urge to just shoot something just to get a shoot because in a way this journey has become more than just a photo a day. What I’m posting is reflecting who I am and what I see; and I really want what goes up to have some art quality to it, to say something about color and texture and shape and life. I want it to say that I’m still looking at the world around me and looking at it from a different perspective and recording my year and seeing beauty in the every day life that is around me. And tonight I was beginning to worry that my outside light was being wasted (I was watching a TV show and didn’t want to miss the ending), and I wasn’t really keen on something inside the house (that I want to save some of those things that really don’t change throughout the year for when I really need them); and I walked outside to take out a bag of trash and was hit by the color of the dusking day and the mix of urban hard and organic soft in the silhouettes.

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Posted by on 16 August 2011 in 365 photo journey


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