each of us will give an account

12 Sep

It occurs to me that the memories of my sins may serve to keep me humble. There are plenty of deeds I would just as soon forget, but forgetting seems impossible. That the memories serve to keep me humble came to me as I was preparing to share on “As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.”

One of my faults is the tendency toward pride particularly when it comes to acts that really might be considered to be in the gray area. They, things like smoking and drinking, tend to have a lot of weight because of my pietistic leanings and upbringing. The fact is that I have never smoked a cigarette or joint and have had no more than one swallow of beer in all my life. From a pietist perspective these easily become boasting points.

Smoking has always been “wrong” for me, but since we as junior high kids wanted to know what it was like to feel smoke in our mouths and even “dare” to inhale it or at least route it our of our noses, we used to “hide” in the empty lot behind the parsonage among the construction refuse and light hollow straws and twigs to smoke. It didn’t take many drags to cure us of the desire.

So pride over nothing is checked by a keen awareness of my sin, and I’m back to the text that uses food and observation of days as examples of tenets that fall in the basket of opinions. What comes at the end is that there is no room for my judgment of the servant of another but that I only be convinced of what I believe knowing that it is to be Lord of both the dead and the living that Jesus died and rose to life. In the end it is to His Lordship that I will bow and “then each of us will give an account of himself to God.” (see Romans 14:1-12)

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