children of the day

10 Nov

During my first through third grades we lived in four rooms in a row along one side of our courtyard. The room that was sometime bedroom and more often living room doubled as the fellowship hall and narthex for the church were Dad was pastor in the little country town of Apolo, Bolivia. When we first moved into the house the room that became the kitchen had only a roof and the wall on the street. The room that became Mom and Dad’s bedroom had a mud dome oven. Mom never learned to use the Bolivian country oven which was torn down to make room for their bedroom.

After a couple years living in those conditions, my parents decided to build a “US” style two story house. They used adobes with a corrugated tin roof, but the floor plan and style was typical of a north American home. The upstairs had four rooms: one for Mom and Dad, one for my Grandma Andrews who spent a year with us, a room for my three sisters, and a room my brother and I would share. The “boys'” room was to be divided by a bunk bed Dad would build.

While the house was under construction, Dad used the living room as shop space to build our bunk bed. He had all the pieces cut and fitted ready for assembly. All that was needed was the room to be ready. He would take the pieces to our upstair room where he would assemble the bed. But a night shortly after the bed was finished, before it went up the stairs, we were visited by a thief. Though we suspected the person who took the bed was an acquaintance who would have watched the progress, we never found out who it was.

Being surprised by a thief is a fairly common experience which is likely why it is a common Biblical illustration. Jesus said His return would be like a thief in the night. While we don’t know the day or the time of that day, we don’t have to be surprised by its coming. As a matter of fact, Pastor Paul reminds us that because we who believe in Jesus are children of the light and children of the day, we are not in darkness. Since we are not in darkness we will not be surprised by the Day of the Lord. Instead we can look forward to that day, the day when our salvation will be completed and we will live forever with Him.

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