according to the revelation of the mystery

17 Dec

January 25, 1966; I remember the day but had to go look it up in my memory book to get the details and the year. It was the day I turned eight. Mom included an excerpt from a letter she wrote on the 26th. “He had only two guests, but they had fun…I had prepared a treasure hunt in the yard with bags of candy for the treasure. When they finished that I guess they decided it was time to eat and they came in and plunked themselves down at the table.”

It’s the treasure hunt I remember, at least the end and the prize. Our little mutt dog had dug herself a den into the base of the compacted earth wall that separated the property where we lived from the neighbors. I suppose the reality is that the den was a foot or two deep, but my memory was that it was very much deeper; it was to this den that the clues of the treasure hunt lead us, and it was there that we found the bags of candy, our treasure.

Since then, I’ve always liked a good treasure hunt and have set some up myself. Creating the clues and hiding them is fun The mystery of the hunt is enjoyable, too, as is the discovery of the mystery prize or gift at the end of the hunt.

Our Nativity celebration is about the revelation of a great mystery that had been kept secret for long ages past. The eternal God commanded this revelation so that by faith, by believing, by trusting in His great promises of forgiveness and life, we can experience forgiveness of sin and and the restoration of the broken God/human relationship. Our response can only be, with Pastor Paul, to proclaim a doxology: ’Now to him … to the only wise God be glory forevermore through Jesus Christ! Amen.’

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One response to “according to the revelation of the mystery

  1. rundalel

    17 December 2011 at 2:27 PM

    Thanks for your post….
    I always loved a good treasure hunt myself. But I think I love setting them up more than hunting myself. Hmmmm…..

    About your “About jcandy1958”
    It says Father of two Hobbies……


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