289 / 365 : Stone viaduct bridge

25 Feb

LNWRR club members got together to place the west side and pier insides and start the concrete process on Monday. The concrete was finished on Thursday. (Cut sandstone blocks one inch long and half an inch wide were laid face down on a mold. Quickset cement was poured over the backs to a combined thickness of one inch. Those pieces became the bridge facing. The spaces between the facings were filled with post hole cement.) Today we took all the bracing and arch molds off, filled the top three inches with decomposed granite, laid and clamped the track back into place, and ballasted the track with sifted decomposed granite. After wastering, the decomposed granite sets up hard, almost like cement. This is the first published photo of the west side of the eight foot long and twenty-seven inches high bridge.

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Posted by on 25 February 2012 in 365 photo journey


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