My reading list for August 6-12, 2017

13 Aug

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for August 6-12, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Tom Parrish: Where Are the Biblical Prophets?
* J Warner Wallace: Unbelievable? Two Reasons Why Some People Reject the Reliability of the Gospels
* Thom S Rainer: Seven Facebook Growth Hacks for Churches
* Diane Brubakken: Called to Believe, Teach, and Confess: An Introduction to Doctrinal Theology – Review

* Bob Adelmann: Dana Loesch’s NRA Ad Attacking New York Times Understates Its Dishonesty
* C W Swanson: A slightly broader view of the Google lynching of their outspoken, free thinking employee.
* J Cal Davenport: Dutch Airlines Pride Tweet Sets Up Perfect Response
* Todd Starnes: School: Honors Classes Will be Decided by Skin Color, Not Intelligence
* Pete Baklinski: Muslim takeover of Europe is ‘biggest story of our time’ and nobody knows it
* Robert Oscar Lopez: Young black man dies in the home of a gay Hillary mega-donor

* Kyle Smith: Channing Tatum’s Anti-Communist Manifesto (Note: Episodes contain strong language)
* Bruce Ashford: 7 Go-To Sources for Political Opinion

* Catherine Armstrong: Here Are The Oldest Photos Ever Taken In South Dakota And They’re Incredible
* Isaac Morehouse: Alexa the Speech Pathologist

* Tim Challies: 10 Issues To Work Through Before You Get Married
* Paul Anderson: Jesus on Marriage

* John Piper: When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark

* Tiffany Dawson: Debunking the “Death With Dignity” Myth

* Kent Sperry: Reflections on Asia, Part 1
* Craig Johnson: Battle over big things
* Sam Wellumson: Matthew 14:13-21 – Inadequate, Enough, Excess
* Paul Anderson: The Power of the Almighty
* Grayson Gilbert: Mr. DeYoung – Here’s Why Christians Watch Game of Thrones
* Nick Batzig: Game of Dethroning Sexual Sin
* Kent Sperry: Reflections on Asia, Part 3
* Kent Sperry: Reflections on Asia, Part 4

WORLD WAR P (fighting Pornography)
* Mark Hodges: Former transgender: ‘I bought into the lies of Satan’

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