My reading list for October 1-7, 2017

09 Oct

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for October 1-7, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* J Warner Wallace: How Could John, a Poor Uneducated Fisherman, Write the Gospel of John?
* J Warner Wallace: Learning from Academics Who Left Mormonism
* Carey Nieuwhof: So WHY Is Your Church Not Attracting New People? Maybe It’s ThisÉ

* Shannon Henderson: Of Horror and Heroism: Images from Vegas
* Roland C Warren: The Looming Crisis of Family-Less Fathers and Its Cost to Society
* Carrie Lukas: The Real Message Behind the Statue of a Naked Woman on the National Mall
* Jarrett Stepman: The Truth About Columbus
* Facts & Trends: Evagelicals Oppose Same Sex Marriage, but Most Americans Don’t

* Naomi Andrews: Sunshine Blogger Award
* C W Swanson: 16 Reasons to Own a Cast Iron Skillet
* Lars Walker: A Witness Above by Andy Straka – a review
* Andrea Christenson: Six Simple Ways to Care for a Caregiver
* Naomi Andrews: Photography — Line
* Naomi Andrews: 7 Killer Tips to Take Fabulous Instagram Photos
* Naomi Andrews: Five Steps to Recapture Your Motivation
* Old World Farms Garden: Homemade Sawhorse Plans – Simple, Cheap And Perfect For Every DIY’er!

* David Qaoud: Some Practical Christian Engagement Advice fir Soon-to-be Newlyweds

* Paul Anderson: 7 Ways to Raise Champions
* Bill Muehlenberg: Yes They ARE Targeting Our Children
* Annie Holmquist: Why Kids Should Play With Wild Animals

* Thom Rainer: The Four Most Common Acts of Stupidity That Get Pastors Fired
* BibleGateway: Keyword Search Queries
* Joe McKeever: Pastor, Remember Your Wife Is the MOST Vulnerable Person in Your Church
* Thom S Rainer: Five Difficult Pastors to Succeed
* Chuck Lawless: Hidden, Dangerous, Contagious: 10 Church Diseases You Should Know
* Andy Davis: Rely on God’s Word, Not on Techniques
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: What’s a Pastor’s Wife To Do?

* Rachel Alexander: Reporter Tries to Get Tucson Police Officer in Trouble – for Exercising His First Amendment Right

* David Mathis: Philip Melanchthon, 1497-1560: The Gentle Lutheran(note: I strongly disagree with the conclusion)
* Jonathan T Krenz: The Large and Small Catechisms of Dr. Luther
* Jack Kilcrease: Reformers Prior to the Reformation

* Bruce Ashford: To Anybody Who Thinks an Entire Class of Humans are Non-Persons
* Claire Chretien: Former abortion workers speak out: We didn’t want parents involved
* Roland C Warren: Should the Pro-Life Movement’s Focus Be Proving Unborn Babies Are Lives?

* Jay Langston: Hands-On with the Honor Defense Honor Guard FIST
* Rob Morse: Reality is More Complex Than a Sound Bite
* Rob Morse: Why Republican Politicians Ignore Gun Owners

* Thom Rainer: Ten Ways to Bring Joy to Your Pastor
* Sam Wellumson: Matthew 21:23-32 – Can I See Your Authorization?
* Brett Boe / Jason Gudim / Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #43 – Hebrews 10:19-25
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Taking Care of God’s Stuff
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: The Story of We Give Thee But Thine Own
* Timothy W Massaro: 3 Reasons Every Christian Needs to Use the Creeds

WORLD WAR “T” (fighting transgenderism)
* Selwyn Duke: Dirty “Transgender” Secret: “Gender De-transitioning” on Rise – but Goes Unreported

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