My reading list for November 5-11, 2017

15 Nov

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for November 5-11, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.
* Andrew Richard: Optative Semi-Universalism
* Gene Veith: Dear Next Mass Church Murderer,
* Paul Steinbrueck: Do Google Posts impact search rankings? New case study!
* Mark Steinbrueck: Don’t let your website end up like this
* Leah Baugh: Why Sharing Your Faith Is So Hard
* Naomi Andrews: How to Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home
* Nancy Flory: Nepal Outlaws Conversion, Evangelism

* Rob Schwarzwalder: Human Trafficking – Worldwide and at Your Local Hotel
* Dorothy Cummings McLean: OfficeMax refuses to print poster for event exposing homosexual agenda
* Tony Perkins: When the NFL’s Saints Go Marching out…
* Joe Carter: 5 Facts about orphans
* The Resurgent: We Lost the “Gay Wars” Culturally…But Now We Win Spiritually
* Christy Britton: When God opened my eyes: The grace of exposure and the need for orphan care
* David Robertson: Welcome to the Sexual Counter-Reformation
* Annie Holmquist: An English Teacher Explains 5 Reasons Today’s Students Can’t Write
* Intellectual Takeout: Scholar: ‘Human Dignity’ Rare Before Christianity
* Jonathan Van Maren: Liberals now claim Christian parents are dangerous. This is an existential threat we can’t ignore

* Jarrett Stepman: Millennials Are Clueless About Communism. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.
* Dan Mitchell: 100 Years of Communism, 100 Million Deaths, and Far Too Many Dupes and Apologists
* Robert Moffit: The Ugly Consequences of Single-Payer Health Care
* Ed Feulner: As Communism Turns 100, a Brief Look at the Death and Destruction It Has Wrought

* Sensible Survival: Other Set-Ups for the Plow Point Tarp
* Vittoria Traverso: Found: A Rare Carved Stone That Could Rewrite Art History
* Anika Burgess: The World’s Tiniest Wonders, Revealed Through Photomicrography
* Philip Mould: Removing 200 Years of Varnish from a Painting Looks Deeply Satisfying
* Lars Walker: The Joys of Home Ownership
* Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

* Denny Burk: Pastors, be ready for questions about abortion and homosexuality

* Gene Veith: Lutheran Satire
* Steve Mundfrom: Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World by Eric Metaxas (a review)
* Craig Benson: Martin Luther: The Great Reformer by J A Morrison (a review)
* Andrew Preus: What’s So Special About the Reformation? Grace Alone.
* Andrew Preus: What’s So Special About the Reformation? Christ Alone.
* Mark Birkholz: Luther’s Baptismal Rites

* Jeff Christie: My wife became pregnant after rape. Surprisingly, the baby helped us both heal
* Jennifer Christie: After a brutal rape, I became pregnant. Doctors told me to abort. My husband and I did this instead.
* Patrick Lee / Melissa Moschella: Embryology and Science Denial
* Crace Carr: Here’s Why an Unborn Baby Was Counted as a Person in the Texas Massacre

* Amy Swearer: Current Gun Laws Should Have Made It Impossible for Texas Shooter to Buy Gun

* Tyler O’Neil: Vietnam Veterans Set the Record Straight After PBS TV Series Whitewashes Communism
* Vietnam Veterans for Factual History: Vietnam Veterans for Factual History
* Erick Erickson: At The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, We Remember
* Wilfred Owen: “Disabled”

* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Back to the Garden
* Sam Wellumson: 1 John 3:1-3 — So You Are
* Jon Alan Schmidt: The Lutheran Catechism: Law, Gospel, Discipleship
* Kent Sperry: Not An Entitlement, But An Honor
* Brett Boe / Jason Gudim / Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Episode #49 — Review of the Law, Part 2: Sanctification
* Tom Parrish: Why Is the Biblical Jesus Such a Pain in the Neck
* Mark Surburg: It’s just that simple
* Joshua Charles: The Weird Attack on ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

WORLD WAR “P” (fighting pornography)
* Claire Chretien: New documentary finds porn’s newest addicts are kids, and it’s devastating them
* Dan Wilson: Protecting Your Home from Porn – Part 1
* Melinda Tankard Reist: Sex Before Kissing: How 15-Year-Old Girls Are Dealing With Porn-Obsessed Boys

WORLD WAR “T” (fighting transgenderism)
* Ivan Snively: What These 3 Doctors Think Should Be Done for Children Who Think They Are Transgender
* Jenny Graves: Not just about sex: throughout our bodies, thousands of genes act differently in men and women
* Noor: It’s not conversion therapy to learn to love your body: A teen desister tells her story
* Rod Dreher: Leaving The Trans Cult
* Jeffrey Walton: GracePointe and the Elusive LGBT-affirming Megachurch

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