My reading list for April 8-14, 2018

17 Apr

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for April 8-14, 2018. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Rosaria Butterfield: 10 Things You Should Know about Christian Hospitality
* Jonathon Van Maren: Why Islam’s rise has caused atheists to urge West not to abandon Christianity
* J Wallace Warner: The Comparatively Rich Archaeological Corroboration of the Old Testament
* Vance Christie: Hudson Taylor’s God-honoring Courtship (part 1)
* Thom S Rainer: 10 Books for the Library of Every Church Revitalizer or Replanter

* Church Fuel: Five Ways to Make Your Church Known in Your Community
* Church Fuel: Seven Ways to Get More People to Come to Church

* Wesley J Smith: ‘Medical Conscience’ Is Becoming a Partisan Controversy
* Michael J Kruger: New Series: The 10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity
* Monica Showalter: Twitter CEO endorses leftist blueprint to drive conservatives from public life
* Steve Deace: What happened to Kevin Williamson also happened to me
* Mark Bauerlein: The Overthrow of the Great Books
* Monica Showalter: Stats indicate Twitter is killing pro-life senator Ted Cruz’s tweets
* Samuel D James: Jordan Peterson and the Internet Anticulture
* Lathan Watts: Why the Left Is Wrong About Jefferson’s ‘Wall of Separation Between Church and State’
* Lisa Cannon Green: Most Millenials Clueless about Holocaust

* This Is My Garden: Fertilizing Naturally – 7 Great Ways To Boost Vegetables And Flowers!
* Jim and Mary: How To Create A Simple No-Till Garden With Little Weeding – Forever!
* This Is My Garden: Growing Sunflowers

* Gene Veith: In 10 Years, the National Debt Will Be 96% of the Gross Domestic Product
* Chris Pandolfo: Steve Deace endorses an Article V Convention of States
* Daniel Horowitz: The Stupidity of the GOP

* Richard Mann: 6 Family Survival-Kit Essentials
* Lars Walker: April 9, 1940
* Sensible Survival: Outdoor Cooking Equipment
* P‡raic McGloughlin: Arena: A Paralyzing 90 Second Film of Earth from Above

* Phil Carlson: 7 Rules of a Fair Fight
* Scott Kedersha: 10 Ways to Stay Engaged Even After You’re Married
* Scott Kedersha: What are the Habits of a Healthy Marriage?

* Mike Lee: Free-Range Parenting Makes for Responsible Kids. We Shouldn’t Penalize It.

* Matt Palumbo: The Safest State Also Has the “Craziest” Gun Laws
* Chris Pandolfo: Sante Fe public schools punish ROTC program because the NRA are terrorists or something
* Concealed Nation: Town Passes Law Banning Many Semi-Auto Firearms, $1000 Fine If Not Removed From Home
* Concealed Nation: The 6 Most Important Things I’ve Learned Since Carrying A Firearm

* Brett Boe, Jason Gudim, Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #67 – First Petition of the Lord’s Prayer, Part 1
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Blessed Are the Merciful by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
* Beth Ann: That Little Blessing
* Andrea Christenson: Slaves to Sons
* Mark Surburg: Impossible lie – The resurrection of Jesus Christ
* Luke Berntson: I Would Remind You of the Gospel
* Terrance Klein: How Leonardo da Vinci painted us all into ‘The Last Supper’
* Kent Sperry: Our Motive in Serving
* Tom Parrish: How Many Times Must We Be Stung?
* Naomi Andrews: The Art of Slowing Down to Listen
* Jarod Hylden with Caleb Fugleberg: Top Five Benefits of Christ’s Resurrection
* Kent Sperry: No Surprise

WORLD WAR P (fighting pornography)
* Gary Thomas: Pornography: The Digital Assault on Marriage

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Walter Heyer: Childhood Sexual Abuse, Gender Dysphoria, and Transition Regret: Billy’s Story
* Michael Brown: When a Man Sets the Record for the Fastest Marathon Run by a Woman
* Daphie Patai: The Battle over Pronouns Coming to a College near You
* Annie Holmquist: 9 Things We Fail to Admit about Transgender Kids (from an Endocrinologist)

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