The year was 1958. Dad was in Costa Rica studying Spanish. Mom had gone on to Bolivia to teach the children of the World Mission Prayer League missionaries working there. I was born. Dad first met me when I was four months old. During the next 15 years we visited the US three times: once for six months and twice for a year. Otherwise my growing up was done in Bolivia; and my schooling included Bolivian public school, boarding school, and a school established to educate the children of employees of the US government–including ambassador and military families–stationed in Bolivia. My high school education was in northern Minnesota. I met my late wife at a Bible school in Alberta, Canada, and was married in 1979 after my first year at a university in southwest Minnesota where I received a BS in Speech/Theater Education. A Master of Divinity was granted me after four years of study at a Lutheran seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Between my graduation from seminary and 2006, I was blessed with two children and served five congregations, two in North Dakota and three in California. I am on the clery roster of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations and continue to serve the third of the California congregations, Evergreen Lutheran Church, Phelan, CA. In addition to my pastoral ministry, I have been teaching English language arts at both a private and public middle school on and off (mostly on) since 1990. Just short of twenty-seven year into our marriage, I became a widower. God graciously provided for me to love again, and I was remarried in 2008.

I have a variety of hobbies and interests including but not limited to photography, garden railroading, garden landscape, wood working, website design, and cycling.


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