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My reading list for June 11-17, 2017

Here is my list for June 11-17, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Amy Medina: Your Short-Term Trips Have Not Prepared You For Long-Term Missions
* J Warner Wallace: Why Would a Good God Allow So Much “Christian” Evil?
* J Warner Wallace: Why Would a Good God Behave So Badly?
* Pete Scazzero: How Might Jesus Have Us Engage Social Media?
* Tim Young Eagle: The Choice: Native OR Christian
* Chad @ Truthbomb Apologetics: What is the Book of Mormon? by Robert M. Bowman, Jr.

* Ken Ham: An Astonishingly Well-Preserved Dinosaur: Evidence for the Flood?
* Lars Walker: Does This Scaffold Sway the Future?
* Kurt Nimmo: There Will Be Blood: The Alexandria Shooting and Civil War in America
* Llewellyn H Rockwell, Jr: The Unique Evil of the Left
* Rob Schwarzwalder: Bernie Sanders and the Danger of Theological Ignorance
* Jsake Meador: Lessons from the UK for American Evangelicals
* David Robertson: Christians are now being excluded from the public square. But we have brought it on ourselves
* Tom Parrish: Words Can Get Us Killed!
* E W Jackson: The Culture Police

* Old World Farms Garden: Why You Need To Prune Tomatoes and Peppers – And How To Do It!
* This Is My Garden: Climbing Perennials – 4 Great Plants For Fences, Arbors And More!

* Noah Millman: The English Bob Question: “Why Not Shoot a President?”
* Dan Mitchell: A Lesson from China on Poverty Reduction and Inequality
* Lenny Esposito: Persecuting Christian Belief for Public Office
* Joe Wolverton, II: A License to Mow Lawns? Occupational Licensure and Liberty

* Brett McKay: The Meaning of Beards
* The Art of Manliness: 20 Classic Poems Every Man Should Read
* Aja Romano: The GIF is 30 years old. It didn’t just shape the internet – it grew up with the internet.

* Amil Imani: How Muslims Take Control of America
* Jon Miltimore: Indiana Univ. Scholar Explains How Awesome Sharia Law Is

* Church Leaders Staff: Perhaps We’ve Over-Emphasized Compatibility When Looking for a Spouse
* Jennifer Hartline: Primal Loss: The Wounds of Divorce No One Wants to Hear About

* Micah Fries/Tracy Fries: Adoption: The good and hard lessons
* Raymond C Orlund, Jr: 10 Things You Should Know about Fatherhood
* Annie Holmquist: Tolkien’s Fatherly Advice to His Son on Sex
* Colin Smith: 10 Things Your Children and Grandchildren Need To Know About You

* Gene Veith: Statistics on the churched, unchurched, & dechurched
* Pete Scazzero: Can You Be a Believer and Not a Disciple?
* Ed Stetzer: Why Pastors Need Networks
* Chris Martin: Three Ways to Make the Local Church Feel More Like a Family
* Thom S Rainer: Twenty Relics of Church Past
* Ed Stetzer: Effectively Reaching Young Adults

* Michael J New: The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
* Grace Carr: Despite All Odds, One-Pound Baby Survives
* Vincent DiCaro: New Study Shows Why Fathers Matter in the Abortion Fight
* Nathan Apodaca: What The “Gosnell” Case Can Teach Pro-Life Advocates
* Doug Mainwaring: Pro-life senator calls out Planned Parenthood in awesome speech
* Eric Metaxas: Abortion is What Planned Parenthood Does
* Rob Schwarzwalder: On Being Pro-God’s Choices

* Rob Morse: Building Thoughtful Gun Owners- defense of others..or not
* Joe Wolverton, II: New Law in Maine Prohibits Creation of Gun Registry

* Jesse Burns: Luther and Zwingli
* Sam Wellumson: Genesis 1:1-2:4 – In the Beginning, Trinity
* Jen Erickson: Life, the Canvas
* Allen Cagle: If he is inviting me to my death, then I will come
* Andrea Christenson: Thinning Beets
* Matthew L G Zickler: Luther and Calvin
* Tim Challies: Fast from Food, Not Facebook
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Blessed Interruptions

WORLD WAR P (fighting pornography)
* Rebecca Hanna: Women Use Porn Too
* Mark Sanders: Is a Struggle with Pornography a Deal-Breaker for Getting Married?

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Fay Voshell: Genderism Destroys Natural and Moral Law
* Walt Heyer: The Experiment on Our Children: Doctors Don’t Know Who the Real Trans Kids Are
* Rob Dreher: ‘Born That Way’? Really?
* Heather Zieger: Transgender Sports: Men and Women Have Physical Differences That No Surgery or Hormone Treatment Can Change

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My reading list for June 4-10, 2017

Here is my list for June 4-10, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* J Warner Wallace: Confusing Moral Utility with Moral Creation
* Chris Martin: A New Project: Learn to Navigate the Scary World of Social Media
* Thom S Rainer: Six Attitudes that Kill Evangelism in the Church
* A Brian Flamme: Luther and Erasmus

* Michael J Kruger: Can a Person Choose Their Own Race? The Inevitable Hypocrisy of Relativism
* Tom Parrish: God Gave Them Over….
* Emily Hervey: Why Christians Shouldn’t Be the Refugees
* Samuel James: Bernie Sanders, Christianity, and the “Price” of Citizenship
* Jonny Gamet: From the Mouth of a Deserter: The Truth About the Islamic State
* Aaron Earls: All Roads Lead to Exclusion
* Stephen Herreid: Truth of Syrian Boy Breaks Interventionist Narrative
* Tom Gilson: Gay Pride Month and the ‘Shot Heard Round the World’

* Old World Farms Garden: How To Eradicate Weeds From Overtaking Your Garden. Make Gardening Easy!

* Dennis Prager: A Response to My Conservative Critics About Trump

* Natasha Crain: Progressive Christianity is as Much of a Threat to Your Kids’ Faith as Atheism
* Kerry McDonald: The Fidget Toy Craze: What’s Really Driving It
* Mark Bauerlein: What Should Boys Watch?

* C Christopher Smith: Design Should Matter More to Christians
* Thom S Rainer: Seven Summer Social Media Ideas for Churches

* Andrea Christenson: Treasured
* Sam Wellumson: Acts 2:1-21 – Fireworks
* Craig Johnson: Facebook doesn’t understand
* Terry Culler: Laughing in the Heavens
* Paul Anderson: Let’s Hear It for Old Age (part 1)
* Andrea Christenson: Love Is…
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Making the Most of Time
* Brett Boe/Jason Gudim/Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #27 – Genesis 4:1-16
* Brett Boe/Jason Gudim/Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #28 – Luke 10:25-37

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My reading list for May 28 – June 3, 2017

Here is my list for May 28 – June 3, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* J Warner Wallace: Are Moral Truths Encoded in Our DNA?
* Sean McDowell: The One Main Reason Christian Kids Leave the Faith
* Kathi: It Can and It Will
* Gene Veith: There already is a church that is both evangelical and sacramental
* Adam Ford: Honest Atheist

* Joe Bob Briggs: I Apologize for This Column in Advance
* Tom Gilson: Why the Left Loves Islam – And an Even Stranger Contradiction
* Jon Bloom: The Real Root of Sexual Sin
* Rick Plasterer: The Bible’s Significance for the American Founders
* John Stonestreet: Why young Christians can’t grasp our arguments against gay ‘marriage’
* Tom Parrish: Rebuking the Bible?
* Fred Lucas: This Farmer Won’t Host Same-Sex Weddings at His Orchard. Now a City Has Banned Him From Its Farmers Market.
* Paul Anderson: Are Gay People Saved?
* Joe Carter: Basic bioethics: How Christians should think about bioethics
* Jason Wellman: When Our Moral Objections Become an Idol – A Young, Pregnant Student Rejected by her Christian School
* Tom Parrish: Comedians Are The Last Voice Of Truth In This Whole Thing??

* Old World Farms Garden: Fertilizing Vegetable Gardens Organically – When, How And What To Use!

* Taylor Lewis: Smartphone Slavery

* Dan Mitchell: Single-Payer Suicide: Go Ahead, California, Make My Day
* Rachel del Guidice: In Aftermath of New Study, GOP Furthers Resolve to Replace Obamacare

* Twisted Sifter: The 33 Best Aurora Photos NASA Has Ever Featured

* Justin Buzzard: 20 Ideas for Dating Your Wife

* Geoffrey Kirkland: A Primer for Parents to Discipline Their Children with Godlike, Gospel-Grace

* Sam Thomas: Ted Cruz SLAMS Planned Parenthood
* G C McLoughlin: Insurance companies promoting assisted suicide

* Roger J Katz: Rationalizing Away The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms
* Towne Criour: Kolve vs. Hogan: A Second Amendment Case Decision That is Contraty to the Rule of Law

* Sam Wellumson: Luke 24:44-53 – Victory
* Paul Anderson: A Word to a Young Man
* Terry Culler: Motivation
* Nathan Hoff: Pastor Herb’s (DAD!) Retirement

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Peter Heck: We Should Listen to This Pagan, Lesbian Feminist. She’s Exactly Right
* Andrew T Walker: What’s in a Name? Why Christians Should Be Wary of the Word “Transgender”
* Andrew Wilson: The Differences Between Male and Female Brains

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My reading list for May 21-27, 2017

Here is my list for May 21-27, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Andrew Olson: Announcing the Two-Way Prayer Team
* Zubair Simonson: Muslim Converts to Christianity: A Silent [R]evolution
* Terry Dugan: Does the New Testament give us historically reliable information about Jesus?
* Who Will Go for Us: Yet beautiful
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Remember Who Is Watching
* J Warner Wallace: Are Objective Truths Merely a Matter of Cultural Agreement?
* Tom Gilson: Christianity, Women, and How Atheists Avoid the Facts That Matter
* Aaron Earls: 5 Ways to Make VBS Follow-up a Success
* Dan Hurner: FLY 2017 – From One Youth Worker to Another
* J Warner Wallace: Is “Right” and “Wrong” Simply a Matter of “Human Flourishing”?
* Andrew Kneeland: The Bible School Movement Continues

* Buddy Davis/Mike Matthews: Defining Species – An Elephant-Sized Problem
* Don Boudreaux: Nosy
* Hans Fiene: The Rise Of Cultural Parasites
* Mark Hodges: Man in threesome marriage: ‘This should be the future of relationships’
* Samuel James: The Parable of Anthony Weiner’s iPhone
* Paul Anderson: Same Sex Attraction among Christ’s Followers
* Robert Oscar Lopez: How I figured out Paul was right and homosexuality was wrong
* Paul Anderson: A Sober Look at Alcohol
* Rob Morse: The Crazy Things Pacifists Tell Me
* Joel McDurmon: Repenting of Robert E. Lee and the falsification of history
* James Delingpole: Remember Manchester. The Liberal Establishment Would Rather You Didn’t…
* The Stream: When the Law Demands Doctors Do What They Believe is Wrong, Bad Things Happen
* John Tamny: American Men, Quit Your Whining
* Jon Miltimore: Questioning ‘Diversity’ is the New Blasphemy
* Jon Miltimore: 6 Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed in a Half-Century
* Walter E Williams: Why the Free Market Is Diversity’s Best Friend
* Jeffrey A Tucker: Yes, it Is a Virtue to Reject Charity
* Paul Anderson: Same Sex Attraction – Part 2
* Paul Anderson: 11 Reasons for Pre-marital Purity
* Rob Morse: Naked Islam in Manchester
* Jonah Bennett: Worries Escalate that Lower Marine Corps Fitness Standards for Women Could Result in Disrespect
* Tom Parrish: Manchester Terror Attack: 22 Dead, 59 Wounded
* Don Boudreaux: Questions for Those Who Obsess Over Income Differences
* Erick Erickson: Cars.Com and USAA Are Easily Pressured
* Courtney Reissig: Why Stay-at-Home Moms Don’t Need to Be Embarrassed
* Nancy Flory: Promoting Islam in Our Schools
* Michael Brown: Ben & Jerry’s Proves Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ is Not Marriage

* This Is My Garden: 3 Excellent Shade Trees For Your Home Landscape. Faster Growing, And Strong!
* Old World Farms Garden: How To Support Tomato Plants Easily – And Why It’s So Important!

* Robert Arvay: The Suicide of the Republican Party
* Erick Erickson: The President Listened to the Man His Voters Rejected and Government Grew Bigger
* Annie Holmquist: City: ‘If something is not permitted it is prohibited.’
* Peter Heck: This Could Be the End of Ted Cruz


* National Geographic: This Mind-Bending Race Looks Like a Real-Life Video Game (video)
* The Trek: 83 Pieces of Advice for Thru-Hikers, from Thru-Hikers
* Old World Farms Garden: Creating An Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven – Wood Fired Cooking!
* Cameron McAllister: Chris Cornell’s Untimely Death Reminds Us That We Never Need to Be Alone
* Jeremy Anderberg: Your Summer Grilling Secret: Using Wood Planks for Delicious Grilled Eats
* Kelsey Kennedy: Two WWII Bombers Have Officially Been Found Off the Coast of Papua New Guinea
* Alan Boyle: Boeing wins go-ahead from DARPA to build and test XS-1 military space plane by 2020
* Robert Milius: Interstellar Apollo (video)
* Naomi Andrews: How to Kick Procrastination to the Curb Starting Today
* Tom Sileo: Memorial Day is a Time to Teach Our Children About Real Heroes
* Jay Bouchard: Kilian Jornet Summits Everest in Fastest Known Time

* Amberlee Lovell: 6 small ways a man makes his wife feel ugly without saying a thing
* Melissa Edgington: I Just Can’t Stop

* Tom Rainer: Five Reasons Church Members Attend Church Less Frequently
* Trevin Wax: The Pastor Must Fall on His Sword before He Wields It
* Tom Rainer: Can a Dying Church Find Life? Six Radical Steps to “Yes”
* Keith Mannes: When This Pastor Got Political
* James Emory White: There Are Way Too Many Churches – Plus Two Other Hard but Necessary Truths
* Thom Rainer: Five Steps to Respond to a Hurtful and Hateful Email
* Dan Doriani: Why Do Churches Wound Their Pastors?
* Terry Culler: What’s A Preacher To Do?

* Tim Wood: Paper or Plastic with Your Fair Trade Baby?
* Amy K Hall: The Ongoing Struggle against the Culture to Defend Intrinsic Human Value
* Human Coalition: We Will Not Waver!
* Joel McDurmon: Blocking the doors: Operation Rescue…the Churches!
* Megan Briggs: The Way This Pregnant Teen Was Treated at Christian School Points to a Problem With Being Pro-Life in Word but Not Deed
* Wesley J Smith: Ontario, Canada Euthanasia Tyranny Against MDs
* Erick Erickson: Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood is Right About Abortion and Religion
* Chelsen Vicari: How Should Christian Schools Respond to Teen Pregnancies?
* Paul Russell: Truth: the first casualty
* Rebecca Downs: Maddi Runkles, I wondered about abortion, too. Here’s why it wouldn’t be worth it
* Linda McGrew: Further push for killing for organs

* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Remembering the Wrong Things
* Sam Wellumson: 1 Peter 3:13-22 – A Flood of Righteousness
* Craig Johnson: Jesus can be trusted, even when it’s hard
* Chelsen Vicari: 7 Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes on Costly Discipleship
* Gary DeMar: The prophecy pundits are scaremongering again: Here’s how to answer them from the Bible…
* Nicholas Davis: 4 Books That Made a Priest Leave the Church
* Jason Gudim/Brett Boe/Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #26 – The Fifth Commandment
* Jason Gudim/Brett Boe/Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #25 – Romans 13:1-7
* Tom Parrish: Getter the Ultimate Questions Answered!
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Which One Are You?
* Tom Parrish: Incredible Power Rarely Utilized!

WORLD WAR P (fighting pornography)
* Fight the New Drug: 5 Simple Ways You Can Fight Sex Trafficking In Your Daily Life
* Fight the New Drug: How To Identify (And Rescue) A Victim Of Sex Trafficking
* Fight the New Drug: How Street Gangs Make Big Money By Trafficking 14-Year-Old Girls For Sex

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Steve Berman: Here’s Proof That Liberal ‘Academic’ Gender Studies is a Fraud
* Maggie Gallagher: Banning Lou Reed: The Cultural Revolution Eats Its Fathers
* Lianne Laurence: Radical Canadian bill could mean jail for rejecting transgenderism: critics

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My reading list for May 14-20, 2017

Here is my list for May 14-20, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

Also visit me at

* Josh Buice: 3 Errors of the “Word of Faith” Preaching
* Jeff Maples: 5 Marks of a False Gospel
* Landon Coleman: My 10 Favorite Missionary Quotes
* Peter Heck: As Smithsonian Reveals Evidence for Bible’s Tower of Babel Will Secularists Deny Science?
* Timothy W Massaro: 8 False Assumptions about Christianity
* Gene Veith: The 221 Religions
* Gene Veith: 5 more arguments for the existence of God
* Aaron Menikoff: How Telling Someone “You’re Going to Hell” Can Be the Kindest Thing
* Kirk Miller: The Opiate of Our Masses
* Brain Seagraves: Discussin God with Mormons

* William Jeynes: “Fake History” is More Dangerous Than “Fake News”
* Dan Sanchez: What the Self-Esteem Movement Got Disastrously Wrong
* Jennie Pollock: How to Live in an Illiberal Liberalism
* George Yancey: The Attack on Free Speech was Predictable
* Steve Berman: A Murdered Dad, His Baby Left In A Hot Car, ‘American Carnage’ Goes Beyond Politics
* Michael Brown: The Liberals’ Misguided Love Affair With Islam
* J Warner Wallace: If Moral Decisions Are Dependent on Circumstances, Are Threre No Objective Moral Truths?
* Tom Gilson: Repelling an Alien Idea: Marriage, Life and ‘Gender’ Aren’t Really Real
* Michael Brown: To Dean Obeidallah: If You’re Right, Then Debate, Don’t Run
* Aaron Earls: New Research Finds One Commandment Almost All Americans Support
* Gavin McInnis: Urinating on the Taliban: Where Are They Now?
* Peter LaBarbera: Franklin Graham: Christians ‘should pull out of the Boy Scouts completely’

* Old World Farms Garden: Our Top 10 Garden Tips Of All Time! Sharing 5 Years Of Gardening Love
* Old World Farms Garden: How To Protect Your Garden From Cabbage Worms And Moths – Naturally!

* Robert Higgs: The Health-Care Insurance Quagmire as a Linguistic Problem
* Paul Pauker: Health Care: In Government We Trust?
* Michel Accad: Health Insurance Is Not Insurance

* Jamie Scott: This Might Be the Most Beautiful Spring Timelapse Ever
* Naomi Andrews: 3 Steps to Clear Clutter from your Home Today
* Alex Tizon: My Family’s Slave

* Mark / Susan Merril: 5 Ways to Love Your Spouse Well

* Hariton Deligiannides: The Role of Women in the Church
* Thom S Rainer: Eight Essential Items for Your Church’s FAQ Page
* Chip Dizard: 3 Tools to Create Stunning Online Visuals

* Albert Mohler: Performing Abortion is “God’s Work?” The Real Story of Christianity and Abortion
* Linda McGrew: Oregon’s SB494 – A New Attack on Human Life

* Joe Wolverton: Tennessee Takes Another Step Toward Restoring Gun Rights

* Lutheran Ladies Connection: A Prayer in Remembrance of Baptism
* Sam Wellumson: John 14:1-14 – The Times They Are A-Changin’
* Brett Boe / Jason Gudim / Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #24 – Eph. 6:1-9
* Terry Culler: As One Approved

WORLD WAR P (fighting pornography)
* Fight the New Drug: How Teen Girls Get Tricked And Trafficked Every Day Into Doing Porn

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Peter LaBarbera: LGBT activists slam ‘the most important psychiatrist of the last half-century’ because he debunks transgender ideology

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My reading list for May 7-13, 2017

Here is my list for May 7-13, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Andrew / Alexis Olson: Olson Family in Africa video
* Aaron Earls: Americans, Especially Millenials, Want God without Religion
* Tejado Hanchell: Church Members, Here Are 10 Ways to KILL Your Church
* John Piper: Silence Is the Enemy of Love: Plea from a Christian Jew
* Wade Mobley: Pettegree Brand Luther review
* John Pless: 500th Anniversary Summer Reading
* David Sternbeck: It’s all about relationships and Jesus

* Dudley Hall: What is Adult Behavior
* Lars Walker: Review of Dreher’s The Benedict Option
* Peter Skurkiss: Opioids and the Failure of Compassion
* Regie Hammm: Rinse Cycle
* Denny Burk: David Gushee: Our “differences are unbridgeable”
* Andrew Wilsom: The Case for Idolatry: Why Evangelical Christians Can Worship Idols
* Samuel James: Everything Is Awful (But Only On Twitter)
* Steven Woodworth: Monuments and History
* Robert Oscar Lopez: The Truth Shall Set You Free
* Regie Hamm: The Il…
* Adam Ford: The Bible, Homosexuality, and Slavery
* J Warner Wallace: Does Belief in God Encourage Criminal Behavior?
* Ashley E McGuire: Why Pop Culture (and ‘Say Yes to the Dress’) are Going Wild for Polyamory
* Tom Parrish: A House Divided
* Amber Randall: Journo: Wind Power is ‘Neither Clean Nor Green’
* Alastair Roberts: Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and FemaleÑand Childbearing

* Old World Farms Garden: 4 Unique Garden Plants To Try Your Hand At Growing This Year!
* Old World Farms Garden: Succession Planting – How To Get The Most From Your Garden This Year!
* Randy DeSoto: How To Plant And Grow Watermelons! Tips From A Seasoned Melon Grower
* This Is My Garden: Shade Loving Plants – 4 Great Perennials That Thrive Without Sunlight

* Joel Wolverton: Meddling in Medicine: 100 Years of Federal Healthcare Control
* Christopher Chantrill: The Meaning of Kinda-Sorta Obamacare Repeal and Replace
* Mike Holly: How Government Regulations Made Healthcare So Expensive
* Rachel Mills: The High Cost of Not Owning Your Healthcare

* Halfway Anywhere: The Pacific Crest Trail in Three Minutes video
* Eric Grundhauser: After Two Years in Orbit, a Secret Government Drone Has Landed
* Mario Munoz: Here Are 20 Ridiculous Fishing Memes (You’re Welcome)
* Louise Pryke: The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Guide to the Classics
* Cara Giaimo: This California Man Has Dedicated His Backyard to Saving a Butterfly
* Selwyn Duke: The ‘Consensus’ on Salt May Be All Wrong, Scientists Say

* Warren Cole Smith: Why People Attend Church
* Michael Todd Wilson / Brad Hoffman: The Three R’s of Re-creation: Rest, Recess, Renewal
* Michael Todd Wilson / Brad Hoffman: The Three R’s of Re-creation: Rest, Recess, Renewal (part 2)
* Geoffrey Kirkland: How a Pastor Loves His Flock
* Aaron Earls: 4 Surprising Groups Not Showing Up on Sunday
* Alisa Childers: 5 Signs Your Church May Be Headed Towards Progressive Christianity
* Annie Holmquist: Survey: 60% of Millennials Don’t Believe in Right and Wrong
* Chris Martin: 9 Facts About the Political Views of Millennial Evangelicals

* Lenore Skenazy: The Case for Free-Range Kids
* Fight the New Drug: For Parents: Updating “The Talk” With Your Kids About Porn & What To Be Aware Of
* Natasha Crain: For All the Moms Overwhelmed by Raising Christian Kids in a Secular World

* Rod Dreher: Zombie Reaganism Rises Again
* Dan Mitchell: The Shadow Bureaucracy and the Burden of Federal Spending
* David Thornton: New: Cruz Issues Statement On Comey Firing
* Art Carden: Why Not Socialism?

* Susan Wright: Twisted: Liberal Writer Tries to Sell Abortion as a Sex Enhancer
* Whitney Williams: An Open Letter to Baby Bee Hummingbirds
* Wesley J Smith: Pro-Lifers: Get Out of Medicine

* Paul Anderson: What About the Doubtful Things (part 1)
* Sam Wellumson: John 10:1-16 – The Shepherd
* Nicholas Davis: 10 Things Jesus Said That Will Never Go Viral
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: A Lutheran Laugh
* J Warner Wallace: Three Things You’ll Have to Say to the World to live a Surrendered, Godly Life
* Thuyen Tran: Luther’s doctrine of election
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Remembering God’s Grace
* Paul Anderson: What About Doubtful Things (part 2)

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Pete Baklinsky: Science finds 1,500 genetic differences between boys and girls, destroys ‘transgender’ arguments
* Mass Resistance: VICTORY: LGBT bill to allow children to “consent” to psychiatric therapy is stopped in Colorado Senate — after hard-hitting pro-family testimony
* Nancy Flory: The Tip of the Transgender Spear in Virginia

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My reading list for April 30 – May 6, 2017

Here is my list for April 30 – May 6, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.
* Eric Metaxas / Roberto Rivera: The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story
* William Barrick: Why is Bible translation an important missions ministry?
* Vance Christie: Catherine Booth’s Heart for the Hurting
* Aaron Wilson: 8 Essential Elements of a Church Website
* Lenny Esposito: Archaeology Topples Objection to Biblical Samson Account
* Lars Walker: Review of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, By Nabeel Qureshi
* Terry B: Future Funded Ministry

* David Robertson: Is Gay Sex Sin?
* Jerry Dunleavey: Let’s Get Real: May Day is M

The entire list is here.

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