My reading list for August 12-18, 2018

21 Aug

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for August 12-18, 2018. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Michael J Kruger: Is the Truth of the Bible Essential to the Christian Message? Engaging (Again) with Andy Stanley
* Jordan Standridge: The Lost Art of Hospitality
* David Marshall: How Don Richardson Led Warring Cannibal Villages to Christ, and Changed Christian Missions Forever

* John Steinreich: Why the Left Loves Marx and Ignores Douglass
* Michael Faust: Army Chaplain Faces 6 Months in Prison after Not Affirming Same-Sex Couple
* Patience Griswold: I Spent a Week Teaching High School Kids How Government Works. Here’s What I Discovered.
* Casey Mattox: Three New Supreme Court Decisions Protect Free Speech on Campus
* Gary Gindler: Fahrenheit 404
* Rod Dreher: Against Weak Men
* Gilbert T Sewall: 1968: Freedom Without License
* Rod Dreher: The Persecution Of Jack Phillips
* Mitchell Kalpakgian: The Old-Fashioned Art of Visiting
* Selwyn Duke: Media Collusion: 100-plus Papers Agree to Simultaneously Run Anti-Trump Editorials
* Rod Dreher: No, There’s No New Benedict Option
* Steve Byas: Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Facts – The Q “Conspiracies”

* Jim and Mary: When And How To Plant A Fall Cover Crop – The Most Vital Crop Of All

* Juan Browne: California Wildfires 2018 – California’s Unsustainable Legacy (video)
* Hank Wallace: Capitalism Is at the Center of Every System
* Michelle Malkin: Ms. Diversity-ConArtista: Boston University’s fake-o-nomics darling
* Kevin D Williamson: Elizabeth Warren’s Batty Plan to Nationalize…Everything
* Michael Brown: California Christians, Prepare for Civil Disobedience
* Michael C Burgess: Securing the Border Is the Most Humane Policy
* Christian O’Brien: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, rethink this (video)

* Naomi K Andrews: How to Create Gorgeous Show Stopping Flatlays
* Juli McGowan Boit: On This Monday
* Lars Walker: Man of Leisure
* Lars Walker: Man of Leisure, About Town
* Jason Kottke: A comprehensive guide to yellow stripey things

* Mark Dance: 4 Dangers Facing Pastors
* Adrian Reynolds: The Church and Healthy Marriages

* Courtney Kirchoff: Citigroup, Bank of America’s Anti-Gun Stance Just Cost them in Louisiana

* Terry Culler: Against Heresies
* Timothy D Padgett: Love, Truth, and Grace: Christianity and the Debate Over Homosexuality
* Alan Shlemon: Does Old Testament Polygamy Justify Same-Sex Marriage?
* Phil Booe: No, You Cannot “Be the Church”

* Paul Anderson: Garbage Makes Good Compost
* Kent Sperry: An Expression of Faith
* Sam Wellumson: Messiah Complex – Sermon for the 11th Sunday of Trinity on Genesis 4:1-15
* Tom Parrish: Don’t Be Afraid to Call on the Name of Jesus
* Brett Boe, Jason Gudim, Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #84 – KKMS Radio, Part 1
* Dan Antal: On Vocation and Evangelism
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Show Them Jesus

WORLD WAR “T” (the fight against trangenderism)
* Julian Vigo: The myth of the “transgender desistance myth”
* Mara Rose Williams: In this KC-area district, boys and girls will share gender-neutral restrooms
* Michael Faust: Gender-Neutral Restrooms Are the ONLY Option at These New Public Schools

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