My reading list for May 7-13, 2017

14 May

Here is my list for May 7-13, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Andrew / Alexis Olson: Olson Family in Africa video
* Aaron Earls: Americans, Especially Millenials, Want God without Religion
* Tejado Hanchell: Church Members, Here Are 10 Ways to KILL Your Church
* John Piper: Silence Is the Enemy of Love: Plea from a Christian Jew
* Wade Mobley: Pettegree Brand Luther review
* John Pless: 500th Anniversary Summer Reading
* David Sternbeck: It’s all about relationships and Jesus

* Dudley Hall: What is Adult Behavior
* Lars Walker: Review of Dreher’s The Benedict Option
* Peter Skurkiss: Opioids and the Failure of Compassion
* Regie Hammm: Rinse Cycle
* Denny Burk: David Gushee: Our “differences are unbridgeable”
* Andrew Wilsom: The Case for Idolatry: Why Evangelical Christians Can Worship Idols
* Samuel James: Everything Is Awful (But Only On Twitter)
* Steven Woodworth: Monuments and History
* Robert Oscar Lopez: The Truth Shall Set You Free
* Regie Hamm: The Il…
* Adam Ford: The Bible, Homosexuality, and Slavery
* J Warner Wallace: Does Belief in God Encourage Criminal Behavior?
* Ashley E McGuire: Why Pop Culture (and ‘Say Yes to the Dress’) are Going Wild for Polyamory
* Tom Parrish: A House Divided
* Amber Randall: Journo: Wind Power is ‘Neither Clean Nor Green’
* Alastair Roberts: Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and FemaleÑand Childbearing

* Old World Farms Garden: 4 Unique Garden Plants To Try Your Hand At Growing This Year!
* Old World Farms Garden: Succession Planting – How To Get The Most From Your Garden This Year!
* Randy DeSoto: How To Plant And Grow Watermelons! Tips From A Seasoned Melon Grower
* This Is My Garden: Shade Loving Plants – 4 Great Perennials That Thrive Without Sunlight

* Joel Wolverton: Meddling in Medicine: 100 Years of Federal Healthcare Control
* Christopher Chantrill: The Meaning of Kinda-Sorta Obamacare Repeal and Replace
* Mike Holly: How Government Regulations Made Healthcare So Expensive
* Rachel Mills: The High Cost of Not Owning Your Healthcare

* Halfway Anywhere: The Pacific Crest Trail in Three Minutes video
* Eric Grundhauser: After Two Years in Orbit, a Secret Government Drone Has Landed
* Mario Munoz: Here Are 20 Ridiculous Fishing Memes (You’re Welcome)
* Louise Pryke: The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Guide to the Classics
* Cara Giaimo: This California Man Has Dedicated His Backyard to Saving a Butterfly
* Selwyn Duke: The ‘Consensus’ on Salt May Be All Wrong, Scientists Say

* Warren Cole Smith: Why People Attend Church
* Michael Todd Wilson / Brad Hoffman: The Three R’s of Re-creation: Rest, Recess, Renewal
* Michael Todd Wilson / Brad Hoffman: The Three R’s of Re-creation: Rest, Recess, Renewal (part 2)
* Geoffrey Kirkland: How a Pastor Loves His Flock
* Aaron Earls: 4 Surprising Groups Not Showing Up on Sunday
* Alisa Childers: 5 Signs Your Church May Be Headed Towards Progressive Christianity
* Annie Holmquist: Survey: 60% of Millennials Don’t Believe in Right and Wrong
* Chris Martin: 9 Facts About the Political Views of Millennial Evangelicals

* Lenore Skenazy: The Case for Free-Range Kids
* Fight the New Drug: For Parents: Updating “The Talk” With Your Kids About Porn & What To Be Aware Of
* Natasha Crain: For All the Moms Overwhelmed by Raising Christian Kids in a Secular World

* Rod Dreher: Zombie Reaganism Rises Again
* Dan Mitchell: The Shadow Bureaucracy and the Burden of Federal Spending
* David Thornton: New: Cruz Issues Statement On Comey Firing
* Art Carden: Why Not Socialism?

* Susan Wright: Twisted: Liberal Writer Tries to Sell Abortion as a Sex Enhancer
* Whitney Williams: An Open Letter to Baby Bee Hummingbirds
* Wesley J Smith: Pro-Lifers: Get Out of Medicine

* Paul Anderson: What About the Doubtful Things (part 1)
* Sam Wellumson: John 10:1-16 – The Shepherd
* Nicholas Davis: 10 Things Jesus Said That Will Never Go Viral
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: A Lutheran Laugh
* J Warner Wallace: Three Things You’ll Have to Say to the World to live a Surrendered, Godly Life
* Thuyen Tran: Luther’s doctrine of election
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: Remembering God’s Grace
* Paul Anderson: What About Doubtful Things (part 2)

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Pete Baklinsky: Science finds 1,500 genetic differences between boys and girls, destroys ‘transgender’ arguments
* Mass Resistance: VICTORY: LGBT bill to allow children to “consent” to psychiatric therapy is stopped in Colorado Senate — after hard-hitting pro-family testimony
* Nancy Flory: The Tip of the Transgender Spear in Virginia

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