My reading list for May 6-12, 2018

16 May

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for May 6-12, 2018. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Michael J Kruger: The 10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity #2: Are We Born Sinners in Need of Salvation?
* Carey Nieuwhof: 5 Keys To Having Meaningful, Life-Giving Conversations With Non-Christians
* Darryl Dash: The Creation, Care, and Feeding of Church Planters
* Kathi: Flowers and Eggs, Literally
* Rosaria Butterfield: 5 Myths about Hospitality
* Julie McGowan Boit: Refuge
* Tom Gilson: How to Renew Our Witness and Make Christianity Counter-Cultural Again: Part 1

* Church Fuel: The Best Follow-up Process for First Time Guests
* Aaron Earls: 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Image for Your Church Website
* Paul Steinbrueck: Is Google My Business the new church homepage?

* John Leo: A New Tactic to Undermine Free Speech?
* Rob Morse: You are the Target in the Culture War
* Gene Veith: All the Lonely People, Where Do They All Come From?
* Lisa Cannon Green: Growing Share of Evangelicals Support Same-Sex Marriage
* David Robertson: Revealed — The Next Step on the Slippery Slope

* This Is My Garden: Night Blooming Plants — How To Create Evening Beauty In The Landscape
* Jim and Mary: Liquid Fertilizers — 4 Organic Solutions To Power Your Garden And Flowers!
* This Is My Garden: 5 Simple Tips To Keep Hanging Baskets Beautiful All Summer Long

* Naomi Andrews: How to Spark and Rediscover Your Creativity

* Jerusha Clark: The Great Danger: He Can Have My Body, But…
* Sheila Wray Gregoire: 10 Ways Men Can Improve Their Marriage’s Sex Life
* Gary Thomas: Sympathy or Empathy? A Key to Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage
* Phil Carlson: How to Spot a Marriage Breakdown Before It Happens

* Joshua Straub: 7 Ways to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse

* Mark Surburg: First Communion prior to Confirmation

* Matt Brennan: What Is Joy?
* Joan Culler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Piety
* Paul Anderson: Overcome-or Overcoming?
* Joan Culler: What Is Piety?
* Joan Culler: False Piety
* Brett Boe, Jason Gudim, Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #69 — Exodus 3:13-15
* Brett Boe, Jason Gudim, Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #70 — Matthew 28:16-20
* Paul Anderson: The Affirmation of the Father
* Andrea Christenson: My Daughter was Right
* Cody Edds: The Insecure Anchor of Christ Hold Fast
* Lars Walker: Ascension Day
* Kent Sperry: Why We Serve, Part 4
* Luke Berntson: What Will Happen When You Die?
* Craig Johnson: 100 Yeas Ago Today

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