My reading list for May 20-26, 2018

30 May

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for May 20-26, 2018. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Rosaria Butterfield: Why It’s Easier to Show Regular (Not Sporadic) Hospitality
* Landon Coleman: 3 Reasons You Should “Join” a Church
* Rhett Burns: 5 Ways Christians Can Pray During Ramadan
* Tom Hobson: Back to the Second Century: Gnostics Then and Now
* Michael J Kruger: Is There a First-Century Fragment of Mark’s Gospel? Apparently Not
* Alec Motyer: What Is Progressive Revelation?

* Murry Campbell: Bishop Curry and his Royal Sermon
* David Robertson: Ravi praises, Curry explains and Cranmer Spins…
* James D Agresti: Public School Teachers Are Paid Far More Than Commonly Reported
* Robert Oscar Lopez: Why Aren’t Churches More Helpful to People Fleeing Homosexualtiy?
* Bill Muehlenberg: Stop Pretending You Are a Christian
* Gavin Ortlund: Is the Bible Pro-Slavery?
* Richard Gardiner: The forgotten history of Memorial Day

* Jim and Mary: Battling Mosquitoes – 3 Great Ways To Protect Your Backyard Naturally
* Jim and Mary: 5 Secrets To Fertilizing Vegetable Plants And Flowers – Grow Big Naturally!

* Lars Walker: Proof of Life
* Adam Ford: I sold The Babylon Bee
* Lars Walker: Publishing News
* Brian Resnik: The awesome beauty of Jupiter captured by Juno, in 13 photos

* Tim Challies: How To Love Your Wife As Christ Loved the Church

* Annie Holmquist: Boys are Growing Frustrated by Living in a Feminized Society…and That’s Showing Up in Their Friendships

* Darryl Dash: A Simple Discipleship Strategy

* Ken Ham: Pro-Life Ministry “Stand-Up Girl” Saves Lives over the Internet

* Matt Palumbo: Occupy Democrats Claims: More Killed in School Shootings than Combat Overseas in 2018

* Brett Boe, Jason Gudim, Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #72 – Second Petition of the Lord’s Prayer, Part 2
* Naomi Andrews: It’s okay to be a Work in Progress
* Sam Wellumson: Remembrance – Sermon for Pentecost on John 14:23-31
* Jen Erickson: Home
* Kent Sperry: Regarding our Fellow Believers Rightly
* Craig Johnson: Trust not try
* Terry Culler: School Shootings Aren’t The Problem
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: “Even unto death”
* Alex Amiot: Hope in Suffering
* Kent Sperry: Showing God’s Grace to Others

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Bill Muehlenberg: Time to Say “No” To Trans Madness and the Assault on Our Children

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