My reading list for July 16-22, 2017

24 Jul

Here is my list for July 16-22, 2017. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Donald Williams: Questions in Evidence
* Bruce Ashford: No Public Nudity, Please
* A Simple Jar of Clay: He Who Promised Is Faithful
* Church Leaders: Suicide Is on the Rise and in the News-Ray Comfort’s ‘Exit’ Seeks to Confront
* Jonathan Howe: 10 Outreach Ideas for Your Church This Fall
* Tom Parrish: How Are You Doing Speaking for Jesus?

* Ed Stetzer: Three Ways to Engage Culture
* Richard M Ebeling: The State Is Not Your Mommy or Daddy
* Alex Newman: Decline in Moral Values Costing Millennials Big
* Charles LiMandri: Same-sex ‘marriage’: Religious right was right all along
* John Stonestreet: Eugene Peterson and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’
* Selwyn Duke: American Children Killing Themselves at Record Rate
* Trent Betrand: My University Treated Me Like a Criminal Over a Joke
* Michael Brown: Another ‘Hyper-Grace’ Teacher Bites the Dust
* Jennifer Hartline: Bosoms, Bottoms and the Stumbling of Men
* Carey Nieuwhof: How To Respond To A Culture You Don’t Like Anymore
* Peter Heck: “Tolerance” : LGBT Kingpin Brags About Punishing ‘Wicked’ Christians
* Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Dumbing Down of ‘Dunkirk’

* Old World Farms Garden: 3 Keys To Keep Hanging Baskets Blooming And Beautiful All Summer!

* Rachel Alexander: Two People Taking on the Clintons Reportedly Committed Suicide Last Week
* Peter Heck: Government Says it Will Cost $150K; Citizen Does it for $550

* Selwyn Duke: Repeal of ObamaCare? There’s No There There
* Michael Tennant: Senate ObamaCare Replacement Fails, but Repeal May Be in the Cards
* Ryan McMaken: Republicans Never Grasped the Healthcare Challenge

* Josh Blankenship: 10 Things You Should Never Ask A Designer
* Twisted Sifter: 10 Truth Bombs to Drop at your Next Dinner Party
* Atlas Obscura: Yellowstone’s Zone of Death
* Lars Walker: Home Improvement
* Adam Ford: Man-Bun
* Kelsey Kennedy: NASA Just Released Hundreds of Historic Space and Aviation Videos
* Chris Martin: Top 10 Motivations for Using Social Media
* Steven Levy: Google Glass 2.0 Is a Startling Second Act
* AntipodesMap: Antipodes Map

* Bill Muehlenberg: Islam and Sharia Creep Spinning Out of Control

* Nicholas Batzig: 7 Ways to Care for Your Wife

* Annie Holmquist: What Children Lose By Not Gardening
* Natasha Crain: How Living Counter-Culturally Can Lead to Your Kids’ Resentment of Christianity

* Michael Brown: Christian Leaders, Please Speak the Truth About Homosexuality Plainly and With Love
* Church Fuel: 5 Church Growth Ideas That Aren’t Expensive
* Aaron Wilson: 4 Types of People Curious about the Church
* Brian Wolfmueller: New Anti-Catechism Handout
* Carey Nieuwhof: Why Attending Church No Longer Makes Sense
* Gene Veith: A confessional text on marriage, natural law & human law
* Facts & Trends: Bible Not Seen As Essential by American Christians

* Sam Wellumson: Isaiah 55:10-13 & Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 – Sprout
* Paul Anderson: 5 Facts about Sons
* Paul Anderson: Wise–and Otherwise
* Craig Johnson: Trusting the right fort to protect our soul
* Josh Buice: Yes Christian, You Need the Church
* Gary Wilkerson: Waiting for the Power of God
* Wade Mobley: The Light of the World Lifted Up (video)
* Samuel James: Why I Quote C.S. Lewis So Much
* Adam Ford: Cosmic Child Abuse
* Lutheran Ladies Connection: The Mind of Christ
* Paul Anderson: What Does Weakness Look Like?

WORLD WAR P (fighting pornography)
* Joshua Pease: Mythbuster’s Adam Savage: ‘The Internet Hates Women’ and Why He’s Warning His Sons About Porn

WORLD WAR T (fighting transgenderism)
* Gerard T Mundy: Hiding from the Sun: Gender Ideology’s Attack on Truth

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