My reading list for June 10-16, 2018

20 Jun

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for June 10-16, 2018. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Tilly Dillehay: Rosaria Butterfield Calls You to (Radically Ordinary) Hospitality
* Gene Veith: The Difficulty of Defining Religio
* Tom Parrish: Courage to Proclaim the Name of Jesus

* Gene Veith: Forbidding Anti-Religious Bias and Double Standards
* David Robertson: How Bishop Curry’s Sermon Revealed the Four Evangelical Tribes
* Michael Brown: Too Few Pastors Spoke Up. It’s the Real Reason We’re in This Mess Today
* Joel McDurmon: Masterpiece Cakeshop no sweet victory: a bitter fight lies ahead
* XKCD: Customer Rewards
* Veronica Baugh: 4 Non-Religious Reasons Adultery Is a Really Bad Idea
* Jennifer Hartline: Pounding the Hammer of ‘Pride’? No Thanks
* Mark Surburg: The Christian view of homosexuality and marriage
* Adam Ford: Anti-choice Judge
* Colin Flaherty: SPLC Exposes Epidemic of Nonexistent White-on-Black Violence

* This Is My Garden: 4 Great Purple Perennials For Your Landscape

* Lars Walker: My Theory of Trump
* Barry Brownstein: 3 Myths of Socialism Debunked by Venezuela’s Nightmare
* Brittany M Hughes: FACT CHECK: Did Trump Really Say He Wants Americans To ‘Sit Up At Attention’ For Him?

* Sensible Survival: Outdoor Cookware
* Megan Valder: Bring Nature Inside: How To Decorate With Inspiring Nature Decor
* Lars Walker: The Good, the Bad, and the Danish

* Prescott Willimanson: Before “I Do”: My Marriage Checklist
* John Elliot: 7 Awkward Questions Millennial Women Should Ask a Potential Husband
* Joshua Pease: This Powerful Habit Will Revolutionize Your Marriage

* Scott Kedersha: Three Parenting Principles For Navigating Technology in Your Home

* Mark Surburg: How do you recognize “radical Lutheranism”?
* Brett Boe, Jason Gudim, Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #74 – Matt. 16:13-19
* Lars Walker: Hearing from Grandma
* Sam Wellumson: Excuses – Sermon for the Second Sunday of Trinity on Luke 14:15-24
* Brett Boe, Jason Gudim, Brian Ricke: Being Lutheran Podcast Episode #75 – Q & A Giveaway 
* Paul Anderson: Why Make a Prayer List?
* Lincoln Winter: Summer Reading List

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