My reading list for June 17-23, 2018

26 Jun

I cull the internet so you don’t have to (ha). Here is my reading list for June 17-23, 2018. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

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* Eric Davis: Differences Between the Qur’an and the Bible: An Introduction
* Eric Davis: Differences Between the God of the Qur’an & the God of the Bible
* Kent Sperry: Growth Is the Work of God
* J Warner Wallace: No GQ, the Bible is not Racist, Sexist or Boring
* Gene Veith: The View That Everybody Goes to Heaven
* Gene Veith: Is the Atonement “Cosmic Child Abuse”?
* Rosaria Butterfield: 2 Big Barriers to Christian Hospitality

* Adam Ford: Anti-choice Judge

* This Is My Garden: Dividing Hostas And Daylilies In The Summer – How To Multiply Plants!
* This Is My Garden: How To Control Aphids – 4 Simple Methods To Battle Aphids Naturally

* Brittany M Hughes: FACT CHECK: Did Trump Really Say He Wants Americans To ‘Sit Up At Attention’ For Him?
* Daniel Horowitz: The immorality of the open-borders Left
* Rich Lowry: The Truth about Separating Kids
* Morgan Deane: The Hidden Conservative Argument in the Immigrant Children Debate
* Rachel Alexander: The History of Separating Illegal Immigrant Children From Their Parents After They Cross the Border
* Devin Foley: Illegal Immigrant Families: The Questions to REALLY Ask

* Lars Walker: The Hersir’s New Clothes
* Naomi K Andrews: My Top 17 Favorite Apps I Love To Use
* Vincnet David Johnson: Photographing the Ruins of Rural America

* Natasha Crain: A Parent’s Guide to the 5 Skeptics Who Want to Shame Your Kids for Being Christian

* Nick Schultz: Graduation, Ordination, and Seminary

* Jarrod Hylden: Porn: The Deadly Epidemic

* Rob Morse: Recent Lies About Gun Control

* Gene Veith: Reading as Miracle
* Geoffrey R Kirkland: How To Pray For Your Pastor
* Sam Wellumson: The Father’s Feast – Sermon for the Third Sunday of Trinity on Luke 15:1-32 
* Craig Johnson: Bench Time
* Gene Veith: “Bearing” the Name of the God Who “Takes” Our Sin

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